• Complete project design build for coolers, freezers, or food processing rooms.
• Approval drawings for panel work scopes and doors.
• Comprehensive review of architectural details for panel and door work scopes.
• Recommendations and corrections for thermal envelope details.
• Value engineering as pertains to limits of proper design .
• Preliminary budget costing.
• Overall Project Reviews.
• Consultancy services.
• Energy Management Services (Energy Audits).

Cold Storages, HVAC, Refrigeration Systems, Complete Project Consultancy Services, Energy Management Services, Energy Audits, Pre-cooling For Fruits And Vegetables, Design, Engineering, Project Planning, Development, Construction, Documentation, Consultants, Pune, Maharashtra, Goa, Chandigarh, India


Walk in chiller And freezer Cold Rooms
Blast Freezer, Chillers And Hardeners
Ripening Chambers
Ice Cream Freezers & hardening Rooms
Low & High Humidity Cold Rooms
Mortuary Cabinets
Mushroom Plants
IQF ( Individual Quick Freezer )
Ammonia Cold Storages
Evaporative Condensers
Puf panels & Doors
Refrigeration Units
Control Panels

Complete project consultancy for design, Engineering, project planning, development, construction and documentation of refrigeration systems for Cold storages and HVAC.

Energy Management Services (Energy Audits) for Refrigeration & HVAC.


Pre-cooling for Fruits & Vegetables

The process of Pre-cooling is the removal of product heat which arrest processes so as to maintain a high level of quality that ensures customer satisfaction.

Ripening Chambers for Banana / Mango / Papaya

The offered Ripening Chambers are designed with a number of fundamental design and user issues in mind, such as energy efficiency, environmental friendly, ease of loading/unloading and safe and easy maintenance access. These ripening systems enhance the color, taste and quality of the product with minimal dehydration.

Meat, Chicken & Fish Cold Storages

These storage are standard preservation chambers built at site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications with a series of machines providing complete solution to refrigeration and storage.

Dairy and Ice Cream Cold Storages

We specially designed Cold Rooms for ice-cream factories and dairy items that quickly pull down core temperatures to enable ice-cream hardening, as well as Cold Rooms for storage at distribution points which are optimally designed to maintain low temperatures even while consuming low power.

Small Walk-in Chillers & Freezers.

Cold Storages for Pharma Industry

Cold Storage for Pharmaceutical products designed for reliable control on temperature, humidity and hygiene levels. Safety features and necessary accessories to ensure precise control over conditions within each Cold Room.

Cold Storages for Floriculture & Horticulture

Ammonia Refrigeration systems

For Meat 86 Fish, Ice Cream 86 Dairy Products, Fruits 86 Vegetables etc.

Blast Freezers & Chillers

For Meat 86 Fish, Ice Cream 86 Dairy Products, Fruits 86 Vegetables etc.

Low & High RH Cold Storages

For Various applications.

We are manufacturers and our setup is situated at Narhegaon, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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